Cosmic Art Research Committee



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Conference Papers

Yuri Tanaka, Michael Doser, Ryu Sakurai, Hajime Shimoyama, and Ryo Takahashi: Flowers Behind the Back of the Universe – A cosmic art project exploring the invisible, in 68th International Astronautical Congress 2017, International Astronautical Federation, Adelaide, Australia, 25-29 September 2017.

Yuri Tanaka, Ryu Sakurai, Hajime Shimoyama, and Ryo Takahashi: Concealed Beauty in Broken Symmetry – The creation of a cosmic art installation through art and particle physics, in 67th International Astronautical Congress 2016, International Astronautical Federation, Guadalahara, Mexico, September, 2016.

Yuri Tanaka, Ryu Sakurai, Hajime Shimoyama, Ryo Takahashi: Cosmos and Art in Our Lives – Developing into a local community, in 66th International Astronautical Congress 2015, Jerusalem, Israel, October, 2015.

Yuri Tanaka, Ryu Sakurai, Hajime Shimoyama, Ryo Takahashi: Abstract Theory of the Cosmos Transforming into Expressions of Art − From inner and outer perspective, in 65th International Astronautical Congress 2014, Toronto, Canada, October, 2014.

Yuri Tanaka: Peacemaking Rocket Workshop in Tanegashima: Utilization of Space Art in Society, in 64th International Astronautical Congress 2013, Beijing, China, September, 2013.