Cosmic Art Research Committee

Noboru Makizuka

Born in Kagawa, Japan. After his graduation from Kagawa Prefectural Takamatsu-Kogei High School, and his career at the movie production company, he started a new career at Makizuka Steel Factory. There in the factory, he founded an Art and Design group and started to create the artworks with the abandoned materials and the collected materials. Recently, he has also founded a gallery in the factory where diverse artists or designers can join to present. Currently, his activity goes beyond the field of arts and crafts.

Selected activities:

2006 Established Steel Factory (Takamatsu)
2008 Opened Gallery Altana (Takamatsu)
2010 Iron Exhibition (Solo exhibition / Ginza CO Gallery, Tokyo)
2011 JUNK TO ART (Solo exhibition / Takamatsu Shionoe Art Museum)

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