Cosmic Art Research Committee

Ryo Takahashi

Born in Chigasaki, Japan. Received a M.A. from the Department of Design in Tokyo University of the Arts. After he explored his career as an adjunct assistant at Tokyo University of the Arts and as a designer, he is currently a professor at the Department of Design in Gunma Prefectural Women’s University. His main focuses are on the research of art and design to vitalize human society, and a design of “kinetic toy” – a term he coined using the idea of kinetic art and toy, which allows people to appreciate art at ease.

Selected awards:

1995 Department of Design, Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate Exhibition (Design Award)
2010 Contemporary Toy of the Year 2009 Creative Toy Exhibition (Honorary Mention)
2013 4th Creative Toy International Competition (Second Prize)
The Institute of Environmental Art and Design Award (Incentive Award)
2014 1st Cedar and Cypress Creative Toy Exhibition (Grand Prix)
2015 Kobe Biennale 2015 International Creative Toy Competition (Grand Prix)

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